Faction Missions

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United Colonies Missions

See also: United Colonies Missions
Mission#LocationStarting NPCDescriptionRewardPreviousNextAchievement
Supra et Ultra1Jemison - MAST District - MAST Lobby / Commander Tuala's OfficeCommander TualaStep one of joining the Vanguard – register at one of the terminals in the Orientation Hall inside MASTGrunt WorkSupra et Ultra (Achievement)
Grunt Work2Jemison - MAST District - MAST Lobby / Commander Tuala's OfficeCommander TualaCommander Tuala directed me to speak to Crew Chief Herath at The New Atlantis Spaceport in order to collect the materials I’ll be delivering to Tay Ceti II.Supra et UltraDelivering Devils
Delivering Devils3Jemison - MAST District - MAST Lobby / Commander Tuala's OfficeCommander Tuala"Hadrian has asked me to find her colleague, Percival Walker, on Mars. Percival was recently working with the Trade Authority there, so that seems like a natural place to check first."Grunt WorkEyewitness

Freestar Collectives Missions

See also: Freestar Collectives Missions
Mission#LocationStarting NPCDescriptionRewardPreviousNextAchievement
Deputized2Akila City, The RockEmma Wilcox"Marshal Daniel Blake directed me to speak to Ranger Emma Wilcox at the Rok in Akila City if I'm interested in joining the Freestar Rangers."The Empty NestWhere Hope is BuiltDeputized (Achievement)
The Empty Nest3The LodgeSarah Morgan"Sarah Morgan wants you to join an expedition headed up by Sam Coe, another Constellation member."350 XP
7200 Credits
Sam Coe as Companion
The Old NeighborhoodAll That Money Can Buy

Crimson Fleet Missions

See also: Crimson Fleet Missions
Mission#LocationStarting NPCDescriptionRewardPreviousNextAchievement
Deep Cover1UC Vigilance, CydoniaCommander Tuala"Commander Tuala of the UC Vanguard has provided me with an assignment. I am to report to the UC Vigilance and speak to Commander Kibwe Ikande for the details."Grunt WorkRook Meets King

Ryujin Industries Missions

See also: Ryujin Industries Missions
Mission#LocationStarting NPCDescriptionRewardPreviousNextAchievement
Back to the Grind1Neon City in Neon Core or New Atlantis in the Commercial DistrictRyujin Industries Kiosk"While roaming the city, I heard a job advertisement for Ryujin Industries. I should find a Ryujin Kiosk nearby if I'd like to apply for a job."One Step AheadBack to the Grind (Achievement)
One Step Ahead2Neon in Volii Alpha, Volii SystemImogene"After joining Ryujin Industries, Imogene has given me my first task. I need to infiltrate CeltCorp's system and upload a program."2 digipicks
Hippolyta consumable
Back to the GrindA New NarrativeOne Step Ahead (Achievement)