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Types of Inventory Items

Inventory Management

Ship Cargo Hold

Inventory management1.jpeg

Your ship is equipped with a Cargo Hold that you can use to store excess items. The cargo hold is accessible several ways:

  • While inside your ship, by opening your inventory menu and PRESSING LB (Xbox)/Q Key (PC).
  • Selecting Cargo from your ship menu while on or near your ship.
  • Activating the Cargo panel from your ship’s cockpit.


It’s a good idea to store heavy crafting materials and resources in your ship’s cargo. Typically the Cargo Hold is located near the cockpit, but depending on your ship design, it may be located in other areas of the ship.

Inventory management2.jpeg

Companion Inventory

  • You can offload excess items to a Companion. Be aware that crafting stations will not pull from your companion’s inventory.
  • You can transfer items to your companions by talking to them and selecting the option "Let's trade gear."

Inventory management3.jpeg

  • Each companion has their own mass capacity and you will get a message when they can't hold anymore.
    • You can see this on your companions inventory screen. In this example, the "Adoring Fan" can hold up to 165 mass.

Inventory management4.jpeg

Favorites List

Weapons and Aid items can be assigned to your Favorites List from your inventory. Favorite items are quickly accessible by [D-PAD] on Xbox Controller or [Q] on Keyboard. This will give you easy access to all the items that you often use in-game.

Inventory management5.jpeg

Packs and Spacesuits

  • Your Spacesuits and Packs all have different Mass capacity.

Inventory management6.jpeg

  • Keep an eye on what pack you have equipped as some have higher capacity than others.
  • When you visit a Spacesuit Workbench, you can upgrade your packs and spacesuits with “Extra Capacity.”
    • If you do not have the materials to upgrade your pack, don’t forget to hit the option to track items!

Inventory management7.jpeg


There are different Skills that you can rank up to help with your character's inventory and cargo space.

Inventory management8.jpeg

Inventory management9.jpeg

Outpost Storage

Building storage at your Outposts will allow you to store items or transfer items between your different inventories (character, ship and outposts). There are three different kinds of storage that you can build:

Inventory management10.jpeg

Ship’s Cargo

For additional cargo space for your ship, you will need to go to “Ship Builder” and select Add (or press G) and buy a Cargo to add it to your ship.

Inventory management11.png

Inventory Order and Symbols

You can check the mass that your character can hold from your character menu or inventory. The number will change depending on how many skill points you have used on the Physical SkillWeight Lifting”. When your character exceeds mass limit, you will become overcumbered and will receive the following notification on the top right corner of your screen:

Inventory management12.png

If you continue running while overcumbered, you will receive the following notification:

Inventory management13.png

If you receive any of these notifications, you can fix it by dropping some items from your inventory or you can transfer items to your companion, outpost or ship.

Here are some tips that can facilitate your search while in your character's inventory:

Sort Order

You can sort your inventory by Name, Value or Weight from the inventory screen. Use this function when you are trying to sell items to vendors, want to drop heavy items, or locate certain item types that weight a specific amount.

To sort from your inventory, select the corresponding button on keyboard/controller to sort your inventory.

Inventory management14.jpeg


You can sort your inventory by Name, Value or Weight from the inventory screen.

There are different symbols that you can find in your character’s inventory:

Symbol Description
Red Stolen Item Inventory management15.png
Yellow Contraband Item
Exclamation Sign New Item Inventory management16.png
Blue Magnifying Glass Searched Item Inventory management17.png
Heart Favorited Item Inventory management18.png
Triangle Equipped Item Inventory management19.png


Ammunition does not weigh anything. However, items such as grenades or mines do have a weight.

Sell to Vendors

You can sell to vendors from your characters direct inventory and from your ship inventory directly.

Quick Slots

Favorites are items that you can add to your Quickslots menu, allowing you to easily access these items while in-game. You can assign up to 12 items to the Quickslots.

To add or replace items from your Favorites, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Press [I] on Keyboard or [Menu] on Xbox to open your Inventory
  • Select the item you want to add to your Favorites
  • Press [B] for Keyboard or [Y] for Controller to open the Favorites menu

Quick slots1.jpeg

  • Select a Quickslot using [Left Mouse Button] for the mouse or [D-Pad] for Controller

Quick slots2.jpeg

To locate the item during play, exit the Inventory menu and press [Q] for Keyboard or hold a direction on the [D-Pad] to open the Favorites menu.

Quick slots3.jpeg

Each Quickslot is associated with a specific key on your keyboard. Players can access their favorited items by pressing [Q] for Keyboard, by holding a direction on the [D-Pad] for Controller, or by pressing the specific key associated with the item.