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Companions can be valuable allies and assets, if you choose to invest in them. Just like Companions, Crew Members can lend a hand in the field.

Constellation Companions

Sarah Morgan

Sarah morgan1.png

Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation.

In Memoriam: You will be asked by Sarah Morgan to help discover the fate of the crew of the UC Dauntless, a ship she commanded and was lost during the Colony War.

Sam Coe

Sam coe1.png




Perks of Traveling with Companions

  • Extra Storage – Transfer excess items to your companion’s inventory. (NOTE: Using a crafting station will NOT pull resources from your companion’s inventory – be sure to pull any crafting resources back to your personal inventory or into your ship’s cargo hold before using a crafting station)
  • Romance – Some companions have deeper stories and will track affinity towards you. Taking actions or choosing dialogue options that align with their specific morals will impact how they feel about you. If you’re fond of a particular companion and want to deepen the relationship, try making decisions that will earn their favor and approval.
  • Affinity - Companions will gain or lose affinity for you based on your actions. If the Companion has a strong moral code, they will greatly dislike it if you murder innocent people or steal.
  • Firepower – Companions will assist you in battle and help you make quick work of pesky hostiles.
  • Ship/Outpost Bonuses – Companions also function as crew for your ship. You can assign them to stations, which will provide significant buffs to your ship systems .Through the Ship Menu, you can assign companions and hired crew to your ship or outposts. Each companion or crew member provides unique passive bonuses to make your ship or outpost run more efficiently. To assign crew to an outpost you must first build a CREW STATION there. For more information on crew, see our "Crew" help article.
  • Customization – You can customize your companions with different weapons, outfits, spacesuits and helmets. Open a dialogue with your companion and choose the “Let’s trade gear” option.
  • Weapons, outfits, spacesuits, or helmets in their inventory can be equipped by pressing [Y] on the Xbox Controller or [B] on Keyboard.
  • TIP! Can't locate a companion? Open the Ship Menu from your Data Menu and assign the companion you’re searching for to your ship. The next time you board your ship they will be there waiting for you. If you do ever want to go it alone, companions can be dismissed in settlements, cities, or your ship.

Can I Have More Than One Companion At A Time?

While you can have multiple Companion, only one can follow you around at a time. However, you may have additional NPC's or future Companions follow you during missions and assist in combat. These additional followers will not function like typical companions. For example, they won't provide dialogue options beyond what is required for the mission and they cannot store items.