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Crew function much like Companions, but are more limited. For example, they can't be romanced and don't have unique quests, like the Constellation Companions.



Crew can consist of hired help you encounter along your travels and/or companions from Constellation. You can recruit them to work for you at your outposts, on your ships, or as followers. Potential crew members can be found throughout the Settled Systems, especially in bars.

Hire Crew Members

You can talk with and hire crew by approaching them and pressing [E] on PC or [A] on Xbox. Before hiring, you can view what skills a crew member may have from the top right of the dialogue menu.

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Crew Management

You can use the Crew Roster to view crew members, skills, and assign crew members to ships and outposts. You can also unassign them either through diaglogue or through the Crew Roster. To access the Crew Roster, press [Tab] on PC or [Menu] on Xbox. Select the Ship tab on the bottom left of the screen with [E] on PC or [A] on Xbox and then press [C] on PC or [Y] on Xbox to view the roster.

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Number of Crew Members

The maximum crew you can have assigned to a ship is dictated by several things. Whichever is the lesser of:

The combined Crew Capacity on your Reactor, Weapon, Engine, and Shield modules.

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The total number of Crew Stations in your cockpit and other modules.

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The number of active Crew members allowed by your Ship Command skill.

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Note: You can only assign Crew to landed ships, so you will not be able to assign Crew to your ship if you are flying it. Additionally, you can only assign Crew to outposts that have a Crew Station built at them.

Possible Crew Memebers

Miscellaneous Crew



Adoring Fan

Adoring fan1.png

  • Notes:
    • He likes tea, coffee, and worshipping the ground you walk on.
    • The trait Adoring Fan can be helpful in acquiring this NPC earlier on in the game.

Marika Boros

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