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Stealth in Starfield offers an alternative to guns-blazing combat, allowing players to tackle situations with subtlety, precision, and strategy. Whether you're a dedicated silent assassin or a versatile spacer, mastering the art of stealth will serve you well in your journey through the stars.

Basics of Stealth

Engaging Stealth Mode: Depending on your platform – Xbox or PC – enter stealth by pressing the Left Stick (L3) of your Xbox controller, or by pressing Ctrl if using a keyboard and mouse.

Mechanics: Stealth allows players to remain undetected by crouching, moving slowly, and utilizing specific items and armor. Making loud noises, such as firing unsilenced weapons or triggering alarms, will break stealth.

Stealth Advantages: Being undetected amplifies damage to unaware enemies, aids in silent assassinations, and prevents accumulation of bounties from illegal activities. Plus, security forces will not be alerted to your actions.

Increase Your Stealth Capabilities

Stealth Skills and Training

Leveling Up Stealth Skill: Located under the Physical Skill Tree, players can increase their stealth capabilities by investing Skill Points into the Stealth Skill, enhancing their ability to move undetected.

Cyber Runner Background: Players aiming for a stealth playstyle from the onset can choose the Cyber Runner Background during character creation to acquire the Stealth Skill early.

Weapons and Equipment

Silent Weapons: Firing loud weapons alerts enemies. Opt for silenced or melee weapons for a quiet takedown.

Weapon Modifications: Players can mod weapons with muzzles, scopes, and other stealth-enhancing accessories. Starfield offers a plethora of weapon mods to support varied playstyles.

Environment and Tactics

Stick to the Shadows: Darkness is a stealth player's best friend. The darker the environment, the harder it is for enemies to detect you.

Slow and Low: Avoid making noise. Move slowly and stay low to remain undetected.

Use the Environment: Vents, ceilings, and other high vantage points offer an excellent position for stealth attacks or sniping.

Hidden Meter: This feature helps players monitor enemy detection levels, proving invaluable for stealth kills and pickpocketing.

How to Stealth Kill

Crouch Behind Enemies: The basic requirement for a stealth kill. Stay out of sight by crouching and attacking from behind.

Utilize Vents & Ceilings: Drop down behind enemies or snipe from above to maintain the element of surprise.

Modded Weapons: Customize your weapons to support stealthy kills. A diverse range of mods will be available upon the game's release.

Watch the Hidden Meter: This meter informs players of their visibility to enemies. A crucial tool for planning stealthy approaches or escapes.

Perks of Stealth Combat

Increased Damage: As showcased in Starfield Direct, stealth kills can deal bonus damage, such as 2.1x the regular amount.

Resource Conservation: Stealthy playstyles often prevent drawn-out firefights, saving ammunition, health items, and other resources.


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