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While exploring the vast space in Starfield, players will come across temples, in which they can find different Powers. Powers grant a variety of unique abilities useful for both combat and survival.

Learn How to Find and Acquire Powers

All Powers

PowerTempleUnlock MissionUnlock LocationDescriptionCost (Power)
Alien ReanimationTemple PhiPower from BeyondAl-Battani II, in the Al-Battani SystemLife, gift of the cosmos, granted once more to a fallen alien beast, so that it may serve thankfully.35
Anti-Gravity FieldTemple EtaInto the UnknownProcyon III in the Procyon A SystemGenerate a localised field of intense low gravity, and behold a planet's true.45
Create VacuumTemple ?????????????????Gut the O2 supply of targets in the area for a duration.25
Creators' PeaceTemple NuPower from BeyondSkink, in the Cheyenne SystemFill your foes with the silent calm of the universe, compelling them to temporarily abandon their weapons.25
EarthboundTemple ?????????????????Change the gravity around you to Earth gravity levels for a duration.15
Elemental PullTemple PsiPower from BeyondBessel III-B, moon of Bessel III, in the Bessel SystemElements, the true treasure of planet and moon, are drawn to your being.25
Eternal HarvestTemple LambdaPower from BeyondEnlil I-a, moon of Enlil I, in the Enlil SystemWhat has blossomed will bloom once more, ripe for the picking.25
Grav DashTemple ZetaPower from BeyondPiazzi IV-c, moon of Piazzi IV, in the Piazzi SystemManipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict.15
Gravity WaveTemple BetaInto the UnknownAltair III, in the Altair SystemEmit a gravitational force strong enough to propel almost anything…or anyone.25
Gravity WellTemple ?????????????????Create an area of dense gravity that pulls in and crushes everything and everyone in around it.45
Inner DemonTemple ?????????????????Force an enemy to confront their inner demons, creating a mirror image of themselves that attacks them.35
Life ForcedTemple ?????????????????Drain the life force out of a living being and transfer it to yourself.25
Moon FormTemple ?????????????????Become as strong as stone, rooting yourself in place and increasing your resistance to all damages greatly.35
Parallel SelfTemple SigmaWorlds ApartOborum III-a, moon of Oborum III, in the Oborum Prime SystemFrom across the vast multiverse, a friendly version of yourself arrives, armed and ready to lend aid.45
Particle BeamTemple ?????????????????Shoot a beam of pure particle energy that deals high amounts of damage to enemies in front of you.15
Personal AtmosphereTemple AlphaPower from BeyondAltair IV-c, moon of Altair IV, in the Altair SystemOxygen, pure and clean, brought forth to breathe deep and counteract harmful carbon dioxide.45
Phased TimeTemple ?????????????????Phase through the normal flow of time and slow down the universe for a duration.45
PrecognitionTemple IotaPower from BeyondEridani III-b, moon of Eridani III, in the Eridani SystemBend time and glimpse the future, seeing the path someone will walk and the words they may say.35
Reactive ShieldTemple TauPower from BeyondIndum II, in the Indum SystemForm a shield of pure cosmic light that can weaken and even reflect enemy projectiles.35
Sense Star StuffTemple ChiPower from BeyondTau Ceti VIII-b, moon of Tau Ceti VIII, in the Tau Ceti SystemBind yourself to the particles of creation, sensing the life force of any human, alien, or Starborn.15
Solar FlareTemple ThetaPower from BeyondCassiopeia II-a, moon of Cassiopeia II, in the Eta Cassiopeia SystemTap into the of a sun and release a directed orb of searing hot plasma.25
Sunless SpaceTemple ?????????????????Shoot a ball of ice as cold as space into an area, freezing any living being caught in the blast for a duration.35
SupernovaTemple ?????????????????Explode with the power of a supernova in an area around you, dealing massive damage.45
Void FormTemple OmicronPower from BeyondBara VIII-d, moon of Bara VII, in the Bara SystemChannel the very darkness of space, rendering yourself nearly invisible to those around you.45

How to Acquire Powers

Powers (Space Magic) are acquired by visiting Temples. There are a total of 26 Powers. Each Temple unlocks 1 Power. Players visit the temples as part of the mission Power from Beyond, which is unlocked after Into the Unknown, the 5th Main Mission.

Locate Powers

You can unlock Powers during the Main Mission Into the Unknown. After Powers are unlocked, players will uncover further Temples and Powers through Missions called Power from Beyond which can be obtained while exploring space.

If you are exploring and your scanners pick up a near anomaly, your quest log will automatically update the Mission Power from Beyond and add the location of the anomaly for you to investigate.

Locate powers1.png

When you land on a planet to investigate a scanner anomaly, you will be informed that an anomaly is nearby and the location needs to be identified via triangulation. To triangulate anomalies and locate temples you must:

1. Land your starship and open your Survey mode by pressing [F] on PC or [LB] on Xbox Controller.

Locate powers2.png

2. When looking into the direction of the anomaly / temple, the scanner circle will start to distort.

  • You may need to turn your character slowly for 360° degree until you see the distorted scanner circle.

3. Walk towards the direction in which the scanner shows the distorted scanner circle.

Locate powers3.png

4. Once you get close enough to the anomaly / temple, you will receive a location marker on the map. 5. Get closer to the temple and enter.

  • You might have to wait for a moment for the door to be accessible, as the pillars in front, where the stars are on, have to unlock the door first.

Locate powers4.png

Obtain Powers

Once inside a temple, your character will lose gravity and be pulled towards the middle of the room where an armillary sphere will appear. You will need to activate the armillary sphere to obtain the power inside.

To activate the armillary sphere:

1. Orbs of light will appear throughout the room.

File:Obtain powers1.png

  • Use the lack of gravity to your advantage to hover through the light spheres to collect / disperse them.
  • Note: Light spheres will vanish and reappear at a different location in the room if they are not collected / dispersed in time

2. The armillary sphere will accelerate and move faster with every light sphere collected / dispersed.

File:Obtain powers2.png

3. After collecting / dispersing enough light spheres, the armillary sphere will stop and form a perfect ring.

File:Obtain powers3.png

4. Step into the ring to obtain the temple's power.

How to Equip Powers

1. In order to equip your Power, you will need to open the Menu with [TAB] on PC or [Start] on Xbox Controller.

Equip powers1.png

2. Select the top of your inventory.

Equip powers2.png

3. Select the Power you would like to equip.

Equip powers3.png

How to Use Powers

1. Powers can be used by pressing [Z] on PC or [LB+RB] on Xbox Controller.

Use powers1.png

2. Using different Power abilities will drain the Starborn power meter. Players can see see their power meter in form of a blue bar under the health bar.

  • Note: Different abilities require different amounts of power. You will be able to temporarily increase the Starborn power regeneration by using Quantum Essences.

3. You can't use your Powers if your power meter is drained, however the power meter will slowly replenish itself over time.

How to Obtain and Use Quantum Essences

With the conclusion of the Main Mission Starborn, players will encounter mysterious guardians, who will attack the player after a Power or an artifact was obtained.

Quantum essences1.png

Killing a guardian will grant "Quantum Essences". Quantum Essences can be using to increase your regeneration speed of your Starborn power regeneration for 60 seconds.

Quantum essences2.png

How to use Quantum Essences

1. Open the Powers menu.

2. In the bottom left corner of the screen it shows the amount of available "Quantum Essences".

Quantum essences3.png

3. Quantum essences can be used by pressing [R] on PC or [X] on Xbox Controller.