Ship Modules

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Ship Modules types consist of Cockpits, Dockers, Structural Components, Ship Weapons, Cargo Holds, Landing Bays, Engines, Fuel Tanks, Landing Gears, Habs, Reactors, Shield Generators and Grav Drives. Ship modules1.png


See also: Cockpits
Ship ModuleManufacturerCargoHullCrew StationsValueMassRequired Skill
Armstrong 10 Cockpit??????2005236575
Armstrong 10R Cockpit??????2205243226
Armstrong 20 Cockpit??????2405254629
Armstrong 20E Cockpit??????28052931015
Cabot C3 Bridge??????20052912014
DS10.1 Phobos CockpitDeimos2005236575
DS10.2 Phobos CockpitDeimos2205243226
DS20.1 Phobos CockpitDeimos2405254629
DS20.2 Phobos CockpitDeimos26052693511
DS20.3 Phobos CockpitDeimos28052931015Starship Design (Rank 1)
DS30.1 Ares Bridge??????300584570017
Daimyo Cockpit??????24052560510
Daimyo Enhanced Cockpit??????26052707712
Kon-Tiki B-300 Bridge??????300541434515
Magellan C1 CockpitNova Galactic2005237056
Magellan C1X CockpitNova Galactic2205244177
Magellan C2 CockpitNova Galactic24052560510
Magellan C2X CockpitNova Galactic26052707712
Magellan C2X Cockpit (NASA)Nova Galactic26052707712Starship Design (Rank 1)
Overseer 300 Bridge??????300521216017
Samurai Cockpit??????2005237056
Samurai Enhanced Cockpit??????2205244177
Viking CP-100 Cockpit??????2005461754
Viking CP-110 Cockpit??????2205468405
Viking CP-200 Cockpit??????2405479808
Viking CP-210 Cockpit??????26054940510
Viking CP-220 Cockpit??????280541140012


See also: Dockers
Ship ModuleManufacturerHullValueMassRequired Skill
100DP Slim Docker - TopDeimos316621
110DP Docker - Top??????316621
110DP Slim Docker - TopDeimos316621
Connect-Pro Docker - Port??????210212
Connect-Pro Docker - Top??????210212
Extender Port 200 Docker - Top??????28553
Hope 11 Docker - Fore??????19502
Hope 11 Docker - Port??????19502
NG-2 Docker - TopNova Galactic111161

Structural Components

See also: Structural Components
Ship ModuleSubtypeManufacturerValueMassRequired Skill
Deimos Belly - ForeDeimos4753
Deimos Bracer ADeimos4752
Deimos Braking EngineDeimos5935
Deimos Bumper - Port AftDeimos4753
Deimos Bumper - Port ForeDeimos4753
Deimos Bumper - Port MidDeimos4753
Deimos Cowling - ForeCowlingDeimos4753
Deimos Hull ADeimos5935
Deimos RadiatorDeimos4753
Deimos Skeg ADeimos4753
Deimos Skeg BDeimos4754
Deimos Spine A - ForeDeimos4752
Deimos Spine BDeimos4752
Deimos Spine C - ForeDeimos4752
Deimos Spine D - ForeDeimos4752
Deimos Spine E - ForeDeimos4752
Deimos Spine F - ForeDeimos5933
Deimos Spine GDeimos5933
Deimos Tail ADeimos7126
Deimos Wing A - PortDeimos5933
Deimos Wing A - Port AftDeimos5933
Deimos Wing B - PortDeimos4753
Deimos Wing C - PortDeimos4753
Deimos Wing D - PortDeimos4753
Deimos Wing D - Port AftDeimos4753
Deimos Wing E - PortDeimos4751
Deimos Wing E - Port AftDeimos4751
Horizon Weapon MountHorizon Defense4751
Nova BracerNova Galactic4753
Nova Braking Engine - PortNova Galactic5935
Nova Cowling 1L-PACowlingNova Galactic4753
Nova Cowling 1L-PFCowlingNova Galactic4753
Nova Cowling 1L-PMCowlingNova Galactic4753
Nova Cowling 1L-TFCowlingNova Galactic4753
Nova Cowling 2L-PACowlingNova Galactic9508
Nova Cowling 2L-PFCowlingNova Galactic9508
Nova Cowling 2L-PMCowlingNova Galactic9508
Nova Cowling 2L-TACowlingNova Galactic9504
Nova Cowling 2L-TFCowlingNova Galactic9504
Nova Cowling 2L-TMNova Galactic9503
Nova Engine StrutsNova Galactic4751
Nova RadiatorNova Galactic4753
Nova Radiator - PortNova Galactic4752
Nova Radiator - TopNova Galactic4751
Nova Thruster Array - PortNova Galactic4751
Nova Weapon MountNova Galactic4755
Nova Wing - PortNova Galactic4751
Porthole - ForeNova Galactic4751
Porthole - PortNova Galactic4751
Porthole - TopNova Galactic4751

Ship Weapons

See also: Ship Weapons

Ship Weapons can be divided into these subtypes: Ballistic Ship Weapons, Missile Ship Weapons, Laser Ship Weapons, Particle Beam Ship Weapons, Suppressor Ship Weapons, Turret Ship Weapons.

Ship ModuleSubtypeManufacturerClassRangeFire RateHull DMGShield DMGEM DMGMax PowerHullValueMassRequired SkillRequired Player Level & QuestAvailable inHull DMG x ROF per Max PWRShield DMG x ROF per Max PWR
Atlatl 270A Missile LauncherMissileLight ScytheA4000147473137052
Atlatl 270B Missile LauncherMissileLight ScytheB4000168684377184
Atlatl 270C Missile LauncherMissileLight ScytheC4000114914946231807
Atlatl 280A Missile LauncherMissileLight ScytheA40001828233103553Starship Design (Rank 2)
Atlatl 280B Missile LauncherMissileLight ScytheB4000114114143216605Starship Design (Rank 3)
Atlatl 280C missile launcherLight ScytheC4000126426446451257Starship Design (Rank 3)
Atlatl 290B Missile LauncherMissileLight ScytheB400019696106131107Starship Design (Rank 4)
Blaze 2GW SX LaserLaserLight ScytheC12501.514463786216
Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse LaserLaserLight ScytheC1250472437157706Starship Design (Rank 1)
Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser TurretLaser
Light ScytheC1250482547199506Starship Design (Rank 1)
CE-09 Missile LauncherMissileBallistic Solutions Inc.A4000136363116151
CE-19 Missile LauncherBallistic Solutions Inc.A4000177773294281Starship Design (Rank 3)
CE-29 Missile LauncherMissileBallistic Solutions Inc.B40001.2558583458183
CE-39 Missile LauncherMissileBallistic Solutions Inc.B4000110410435146304Starship Design (Rank 3)
CE-49 Missile LauncherMissileBallistic Solutions Inc.C40001969636131106
CE-59 Missile LauncherMissileBallistic Solutions Inc.C4000115315336239407Starship Design (Rank 3)
Dangan PB RF AutocannonBallistic????????????10006.65113.303Undefined????????????
Dangan Pb CannonBallistic????????????10003.4916.55.53Undefined????????????
Devastator 1500 Missile LauncherMissileHorizon DefenseC3750168683677187Starship Design (Rank 1)
Disruptor 3300 Electron BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseA35003.4912123221371
Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseA35006.65883261751
Disruptor 3310 Proton BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseA35003.4918183396902Starship Design (Rank 1)
Disruptor 3310A Auto Proton BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseA35006.65131343181452Starship Design (Rank 3)
Disruptor 3320 Neutron BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseB35002.520203450112
Disruptor 3320 Neutron TurretTurretHorizon DefenseB35002.5292934131102
Disruptor 3320A Auto Neutron BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseB35005131334103552
Disruptor 3330 Helion BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseB35002.5303045139653Starship Design (Rank 2)
Disruptor 3330A Auto Helion BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseB35005191945211853Starship Design (Rank 3)
Disruptor 3340 Alpha BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseC35001.538383775286
Disruptor 3340A Auto Alpha BeamParticle BeamHorizon DefenseC35004171737114956
Disruptor 3340A Auto Alpha TurretTurretHorizon DefenseC35004191937143456
Dragon 221 MW LaserLaserHorizon DefenseA10003.494123114251
Dragon 221P MW Pulse LaserLaserHorizon DefenseA10006.65393175761
Dragon 231 IR LaserLaserHorizon DefenseA10003.496193186211Starship Design (Rank 1)
Dragon 231P IR Pulse LaserLaserHorizon DefenseA10006.6541331144401Starship Design (Rank 2)
Dragon 241 LaserLaserHorizon DefenseB10002.57233350113
Dragon 241P Pulse LaserLaserHorizon DefenseB1000551533127303
Dragon 241P Pulse Laser TurretLaser
Horizon DefenseB12502.5103233127303
Dragon 251 UV LaserLaserHorizon DefenseB10002.5103434127304Starship Design (Rank 2)
Dragon 251P UV Pulse LaserLaserHorizon DefenseB1000572234229904Starship Design (Rank 3)
Dragon 261 SX LaserLaserHorizon DefenseC10001.513433670776
Dragon 261 SX Laser TurretLaser
Horizon DefenseC10001.5185936148206
Dragon 261P SX Pulse LaserLaserHorizon DefenseC1000462036116856
EMP-1000 SuppressorSuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.C8000.80115448110206
EMP-200 SuppressorSuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.A8001.53654242289752Starship Design (Rank 3)
EMP-500 SuppressorSuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.B8001.5114545433204
EMP-80 SuppressorSuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.A8001.5365244144171
Firebolt 4000 SuppressorSuppressorLight ScytheB8001.25114735137753Starship Design (Rank 2)
Flare 15MW IR LaserLaserLight ScytheA12503.494143114251
Flare-P 15MW IR Pulse LaserLaserLight ScytheA12506.653103175761
Fulminator 8000 SuppressorSuppressorLight ScytheC8000.8011583829686
Hunter Mag-350 Missile LauncherMissileHorizon DefenseB3750155553352484Starship Design (Rank 1)
Hunter Mag-450 Missile LauncherMissileHorizon DefenseB37501909034118755Starship Design (Rank 4)
Infiltrator SC-01 Missile LauncherMissileHorizon DefenseA3750140413123753Starship Design (Rank 1)
Infiltrator SC-02 Missile LauncherMissileHorizon DefenseA3750165653371483Starship Design (Rank 4)
KE-20 CannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.A8003.491753168631
KE-20A AutocannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.A8006.6512431149151Starship Design (Rank 1)
KE-31 CannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.A12503.4927842207101Starship Design (Rank 3)
KE-31A AutocannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.A12506.6519642334401Starship Design (Rank 4)
KE-42 CannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.B12502.531934139654
KE-42 Cannon TurretBallistic
Ballistic Solutions Inc.B15002.5451444278354Starship Design (Rank 3)
KE-42A AutocannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.B1250520644228954Starship Design (Rank 2)
KE-49 CannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.B12502.5431345259354Starship Design (Rank 3)
KE-49A AutocannonBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.B1250530945427504Starship Design (Rank 4)
MKE-4 Gauss GunBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.C12501.5511537135856
MKE-4A Auto Gauss GunBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.C1250424737213756Starship Design (Rank 1)
MKE-9 Gauss GunBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.C12501.5621948201407Starship Design (Rank 2)
MKE-9A Auto Gauss GunBallisticBallistic Solutions Inc.C12504371149419907Starship Design (Rank 4)
Marauder 114ANC RailgunBallisticHorizon DefenseC8001.543134588356
Marauder 114ANC Rapid RailgunBallisticHorizon DefenseC800420645150106
Marauder 115N RailgunBallisticHorizon DefenseC8001.5571746171956Starship Design (Rank 1)
Marauder 115N Railgun TurretBallistic
Horizon DefenseC8001.5812446314456Starship Design (Rank 3)
Marauder 115N Rapid RailgunBallisticHorizon DefenseC8004331047356257Starship Design (Rank 3)
Mauler 104L AutocannonBallisticHorizon DefenseA8006.6593470301
Mauler 104L CannonBallisticHorizon DefenseA8003.49134413061
Mauler 105U AutocannonBallisticHorizon DefenseA8006.651444202351Starship Design (Rank 2)
Mauler 105U CannonBallisticHorizon DefenseA8003.492064110201Starship Design (Rank 1)
Mauler 106S Shot-CannonBallisticHorizon DefenseB8001.754814447503Starship Design (Rank 4)
Mauler 106T AutocannonBallisticHorizon DefenseB80051554130153
Mauler 106T Autocannon TurretBallisticHorizon DefenseB100051754170053
Mauler 106T CannonBallisticHorizon DefenseB8002.5237460563
Mauler 1071 AutocannonBallisticHorizon DefenseB80052584328704Starship Design (Rank 3)
Mauler 1071 CannonBallisticHorizon DefenseB8002.534104170054Starship Design (Rank 2)
Nullifier 1750 SuppressorSuppressorLight ScytheA8001.511483371452Starship Design (Rank 3)
PB-100 Neutron BeamParticle BeamLight ScytheB30002.52323376954
PB-175 Helion BeamParticle BeamLight ScytheB30002.529293131105Starship Design (Rank 2)
PB-30 Electron BeamParticle BeamLight ScytheA30003.491313333961
PB-300 Alpha BeamParticle BeamLight ScytheC30001.54141391436
PB-50 Proton BeamParticle BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A30003.4921214134903Starship Design (Rank 3)
PBO-100 Auto Neutron BeamParticle BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.B300051414312160
PBO-100 Auto Neutron TurretBallistic Solutions Inc.B300051616315770Starship Design (Rank 1)
PBO-175 Auto Helion BeamParticle BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.B3000619193280255Starship Design (Rank 4)
PBO-30 Auto Electron BeamParticle BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A30006.6599385731
PBO-300 Auto Alpha BeamParticle BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.C3000419193143456
PBO-300 Auto Alpha TurretBallistic Solutions Inc.C3000422223186206Starship Design (Rank 1)
PBO-40 Auto Electron BeamParticle BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A30006.6514144205201Starship Design (Rank 4)
PBO-50 Auto Proton BeamParticle BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A30006.6515154228953Starship Design (Rank 3)
Reza 45 GHz MW LaserLaser????????????8003.495164Undefined????????????
Reza 45 GHz MW Pulse LaserLaser????????????8006.653114Undefined????????????
Scorch 60MW LaserLaserLight ScytheB12502.5825475763
Scorch-P 60MW Pulse LaserLaserLight ScytheB12502.510324127303
Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser TurretLaserLight ScytheB150055184127303Starship Design (Rank 1)
Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser TurretLaserLight ScytheB150038254116853Starship Design (Rank 4)
Singe 4MW LaserLaserLight ScytheA12503.497224121601Starship Design (Rank 2)
Singe-P 4MW Pulse LaserLaserLight ScytheA12506.655164212801Starship Design (Rank 3)
Spark 750 SuppressorSuppressorLight ScytheA10001.511303126351
Torch 250MW UV LaserLaserLight ScytheB12502.511384152954Starship Design (Rank 3)
Torch-P 250MW UV Pulse LaserLaserLight ScytheB125058254281204Starship Design (Rank 3)
Tsukisasu 13K Missile LauncherMissile????????????4250138383Undefined????????????
Vanguard Ares Particle CannonBallisticVanguardC3000418183129206
Vanguard Hellfire AutocannonBallisticVanguardC8007.5185226121
Vanguard Obliterator AtitaonroiectorVanguardA30006.6511.5411.542133951
Vanguard Starseeker Pulse LaserLaserVanguardC100068214362906
Vanguard Tempest CE-13 Missile LauncherMissileVanguardA40001.53330614251

Cargo Holds

See also: Cargo Holds
Ship ModuleManufacturerCargoHullValueMassRequired Skill
100CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems210571244
10T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems58553610124Starship Design (Rank 1)
200CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems245599752
20T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems76054940160Starship Design (Rank 1)
300CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems3205156768Starship Design (Rank 1)
30T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems100056792212Starship Design (Rank 2)
400CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems4355242292Starship Design (Rank 1)
40T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems127058835268Starship Design (Rank 3)
Caravel V101 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems225580748
Caravel V102 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems3005142564
Caravel V103 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems3955213784Starship Design (Rank 1)
Caravel V104 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems55053325116Starship Design (Rank 2)
Da Gama 1000 Cargo Hold??????225580748
Da Gama 1020 Cargo Hold??????3205156768
Galleon S201 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems72054607152Starship Design (Rank 1)
Galleon S202 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems95056365200Starship Design (Rank 1)
Galleon S203 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems120058312252Starship Design (Rank 2)
Galleon S204 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems1480510450312Starship Design (Rank 3)
StorMax 20 Cargo HoldDogstar210575044
StorMax 30 Cargo HoldDogstar210571244
StorMax 40 Cargo HoldDogstar245599752
StorMax 50 Cargo HoldDogstar3205156768
StorMax 60 Cargo HoldDogstar4355242292Starship Design (Rank 1)

Landing Bays

See also: Landing Bays
Ship ModuleManufacturerHullValueMassRequired Skill
120LD Landing BayDeimos28073
Hope 4 Landing Bay??????19501
NG-6 Landing BayNova Galactic29022
Ship Bed 300 Landing Bay??????316151
Stability Pro Landing Bay??????110002


See also: Engines
Ship ModuleManufacturerClassMax PowerEngine ThrustManeuvering ThrustEngine HealthCrew CapacityHullValueMassRequired Skill
Amun Dunn X-100 EngineAmun DunnC31953066001440.25522135340Starship Design (Rank 1)
Amun Dunn X-200 EngineAmun DunnC32124072001500.25526790338Starship Design (Rank 3)
Amun Dunn X-300 EngineAmun DunnC32589084001560.25542845336Starship Design (Rank 4)
Amun-1 EngineAmun DunnA256601550500.2554370100
Amun-2 EngineAmun DunnA274401830610.255589099
Amun-3 EngineAmun DunnA292001900710.255788598
Amun-4 EngineAmun DunnA2108001960790.2551026097Starship Design (Rank 1)
Amun-5 EngineAmun DunnA2124002040860.2551358596Starship Design (Rank 2)
Amun-6 EngineAmun DunnA2140002120930.2551805095Starship Design (Rank 3)
Amun-7 EngineAmun DunnA2154002200970.2552318094Starship Design (Rank 3)
Ares DT10 EnginePanoptesA256601800450.255437090
Ares DT20 EnginePanoptesA274401950550.255579589
Ares DT30 EnginePanoptesA292002050640.255769588
Ares DT40 EnginePanoptesA2108002200710.2551007087Starship Design (Rank 1)
Ares DT50 EnginePanoptesA2124002430770.2551339586Starship Design (Rank 2)
Ares DT60 EnginePanoptesA2140002600830.2551776585Starship Design (Rank 3)
Dunn-11 EngineAmun DunnB31422031501020.2559690150
Dunn-21 EngineAmun DunnB31554033001060.25511210149Starship Design (Rank 1)
Dunn-31 EngineAmun DunnB31767036001110.25513965148Starship Design (Rank 2)
Dunn-41 EngineAmun DunnB31992042001160.25517955147Starship Design (Rank 3)
Dunn-51 EngineAmun DunnB32217047401220.25523370146Starship Design (Rank 3)
Dunn-61 EngineAmun DunnB32430049501270.25529830145Starship Design (Rank 3)
Dunn-71 EngineAmun DunnB32658052501330.25539140144Starship Design (Rank 4)
Hercules DT110 EnginePanoptesB3142203300920.2559215145
Hercules DT120 EnginePanoptesB3155404050950.25510735144Starship Design (Rank 1)
Hercules DT130 EnginePanoptesB3176704050990.25513300143Starship Design (Rank 2)
Hercules DT140 EnginePanoptesB31992031501040.25516720142Starship Design (Rank 3)
Hercules DT150 EnginePanoptesB32217037501090.25521755141Starship Design (Rank 3)
Hercules DT160 EnginePanoptesB32430046501140.25528405140Starship Design (Rank 4)
Nova 1000 EngineReladyneB31287033751000.2558692145
Nova 1010 EngineReladyneB31407035401050.2559975144Starship Design (Rank 1)
Nova 1020 EngineReladyneB31608037201100.25512160143Starship Design (Rank 2)
Nova 1030 EngineReladyneB31806039151150.25514915142Starship Design (Rank 3)
Nova 1040 EngineReladyneB32019042001210.25518905141Starship Design (Rank 3)
Nova 1050 EngineReladyneB32217045001260.25523655140Starship Design (Rank 4)
Poseidon DT210 EnginePanoptesC42604076001290.25519380336Starship Design (Rank 1)
Poseidon DT220 EnginePanoptesC42832096001350.25524415335Starship Design (Rank 3)
Poseidon DT230 EnginePanoptesC434520116001400.25540280334Starship Design (Rank 4)
SAL-6830 Engine????????????21800088001800.25?????????????????
Supernova 2000 EngineReladyneC31767064501360.25518145334Starship Design (Rank 1)
Supernova 2100 EngineReladyneC32112070501420.25525080334Starship Design (Rank 3)
Supernova 2200 EngineReladyneC32577076501480.25539900333Starship Design (Rank 4)
White Dwarf 1000 EngineReladyneA346502445480.2553325100
White Dwarf 1010 EngineReladyneA379502535480.255422799
White Dwarf 1020 EngineReladyneA388502650480.255456099
White Dwarf 2000 EngineReladyneA3105001785580.255527298
White Dwarf 2010 EngineReladyneA3113402130670.255603297
White Dwarf 2020 EngineReladyneA3121802400670.255655597Starship Design (Rank 1)
White Dwarf 2030 EngineReladyneA3130202700670.255717297Starship Design (Rank 2)
White Dwarf 3000 EngineReladyneA3152702820750.255921596Starship Design (Rank 1)
White Dwarf 3010 EngineReladyneA3176702940820.2551206595Starship Design (Rank 2)
White Dwarf 3015 EngineReladyneA3204603150410.2551529595Starship Design (Rank 4)
White Dwarf 3020 EngineReladyneA3199203060880.2551577094Starship Design (Rank 2)
White Dwarf 3030 EngineReladyneA3219303210920.2551995093Starship Design (Rank 3)

Fuel Tanks

See also: Fuel Tanks
Ship ModuleManufacturerGrav Jump FuelHullValueMassRequired Skill
100G He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.505118710
200G He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.705156712
300G He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.1005213716
400G He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.1405294521
500T He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.2105427529Starship Design (Rank 2)
600T He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.2905584238Starship Design (Rank 2)
700T He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.4005798050Starship Design (Rank 2)
800T He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.55051092563Starship Design (Rank 3)
900T He3 TankBallistic Solutions Inc.65051282560Starship Design (Rank 4)
H10 Atlas He3 TankDogstar2105427533Starship Design (Rank 2)
H20 Atlas He3 TankDogstar3005603244Starship Design (Rank 2)
H30 Atlas He3 TankDogstar4005798056Starship Design (Rank 2)
H40 Atlas He3 TankDogstar55051092571Starship Design (Rank 3)
M10 Ulysses He3 TankDogstar505118712
M20 Ulysses He3 TankDogstar705156714
M30 Ulysses He3 TankDogstar1005213718
M40 Ulysses He3 TankDogstar1505313525
M50 Ulysses He3 TankDogstar2505508225Starship Design (Rank 4)
Titan 350 He3 TankNautilus755166212
Titan 450 He3 TankNautilus1105237516
Titan 550 He3 TankNautilus1605332521

Landing Gears

See also: Landing Gears
Ship ModuleManufacturerLander ThrustHullValueMassRequired Skill
200CB Landing Gear??????127122
220CB Landing Gear - PortDeimos126173
Accu-Lander 11 Landing Gear - Port??????216172
Hope 5 Landing Gear??????127121
Hope 6 Landing Gear??????227123
NG-10 Landing Gear??????127502
NG-10 Landing Gear - Port ForeNova Galactic127122
Pinpoint 3G Landing Gear - Port Fore??????1312351


See also: Habs
Ship ModuleManufacturerPassengersHullValueMass
Deimos Companionway 1x1Deimos-59975
Deimos Companionway 2x1Deimos2512828
Deimos Companionway 3x1Deimos25147210
Nova Galactic All-in-One Berth 2x1 ANova Galactic2512828
Nova Galactic Engineering Bay 3x1Nova Galactic15147210
Nova Galactic Hab 1x1x1Nova Galactic14
Nova Galactic Storeroom 1x1Nova Galactic-59975


See also: Reactors
Ship ModuleManufacturerClassPower GeneratedRepair RateReactor HealthCrew CapacityHullValueMassRequired Skill
101DS Mag Inertial ReactorDogstarB162.294625251368046Piloting (Rank 1)
102DS Mag Inertial ReactorDogstarB242.705426903116054Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 1)
103DS Mag Inertial ReactorDogstarB313.096229304664562Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
104DS Mag Inertial ReactorDogstarB393.5471211256441071Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
114MM Toroidal ReactorDogstarA161.10221325764722
124MM Toroidal ReactorDogstarA181.202413551206524
134MM Toroidal ReactorDogstarA201.352714201662527
144MM Toroidal ReactorDogstarA231.53015202318020Starship Design (Rank 2)
154MM Toroidal ReactorDogstarA261.753516003021035Starship Design (Rank 3)
164MM Toroidal ReactorDogstarA2924017603724042Starship Design (Rank 4)
330T Stellarator ReactorAmundunnA141.14231310403723
340T Stellarator ReactorAmundunnA161.25251375840725
350T Stellarator ReactorAmundunnA181.392814051301528
360T Stellarator ReactorAmundunnA201.603214401786032
370T Stellarator ReactorAmun DunnA231.853715502498537Starship Design (Rank 2)
380T Stellarator ReactorAmun DunnA262.094217153201540Starship Design (Rank 4)
DC301 Fast Ignition ReactorDeep CoreB182.595225701909552Piloting (Rank 3)
DC302 Fast Ignition ReactorDeep CoreB2736028303847560Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
DC303 Fast Ignition ReactorDeep CoreB353.4569210355614569Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
Fusor DC401 ReactorDeep CoreC294.59037554987590Piloting (Rank 4)
Fusor DC402 ReactorDeep CoreC345.091023102062510102Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Fusor DC403 ReactorDeep CoreC385.751153119073530115Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
Ion Beam H-1010 ReactorXiangB1625252
SF10 Sheared Flow ReactorDogstarC204.058137053030581Piloting (Rank 4)
SF20 Sheared Flow ReactorDogstarC274.559138504626591Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 1)
SF30 Sheared Flow ReactorDogstarC345.15103399562795103Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
SF40 Sheared Flow ReactorDogstarC405.801163131577615116Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Spheromak DC201 ReactorDeep CoreA281.953916803505539Starship Design (Rank 4)
Spheromak DC202 ReactorDeep CoreA332.254517304626545Starship Design (Rank 4)
Theta Pinch A9 ReactorAmun DunnC184.258536802745585Piloting (Rank 4)
Theta Pinch B9 ReactorAmun DunnC244.809638054180096Piloting (Rank 4)
Theta Pinch C9 ReactorAmun DunnC305.44109397556620109Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Theta Pinch D9 ReactorAmun DunnC376.091223121573435122Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Tokamak X-050 Reactor????????????161.2525????????????????????????
Tokamak X-100 Reactor????????????181.3527????????????????????????
Tokamak X-120S Reactor????????????281.530????????????????????????
Tokamak X-150 Reactor????????????201.530????????????????????????
Tokamak X-250 Reactor26
Tokamak X-300 Reactor29
Z-Machine 1000 ReactorAmun DunnB142.454925051064049Piloting (Rank 3)
Z-Machine 2000 ReactorAmun DunnB212.845726102612557Piloting (Rank 3)
Z-Machine 2020 ReactorAmun DunnB162.8457211001653057Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
Z-Machine 3000 ReactorAmun DunnB283.256528904161065Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
Z-Machine 4000 ReactorAmun DunnB353.757529955766575Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)

Shield Generators

See also: Shield Generators
Ship ModuleManufacturerClassMax PowerShield Max HealthRegen RateCrew CapacityHullValueMassRequired Skill
101D Guardian Shield GeneratorDogstarC66805%0.552384585
102D Guardian Shield GeneratorDogstarC88505%0.553049591Starship Design (Rank 1)
103D Guardian Shield GeneratorDogstarC1010955%0.5539425115Starship Design (Rank 3)
104D Guardian Shield GeneratorDogstarC1213505%0.5546645129Starship Design (Rank 4)
10S Protector Shield GeneratorDogstarA331010%0.55213723
11T Defender Shield GeneratorDogstarB55057%0.551282549
20S Protector Shield GeneratorDogstarA435510%0.55380024
22T Defender Shield GeneratorDogstarB66107%0.551720057
28T Defender Shield GeneratorDogstarB1215007%0.553857090Starship Design (Rank 4)
30S Protector Shield GeneratorDogstarA542010%0.55631727
33T Defender Shield GeneratorDogstarB98907%0.552660065Starship Design (Rank 3)
40S Protector Shield GeneratorDogstarA652010%0.551016530Starship Design (Rank 2)
44T Defender Shield GeneratorDogstarB910357%0.553220569Starship Design (Rank 4)
50S Protector Shield GeneratorDogstarA765010%0.551520039Starship Design (Rank 3)
60S Protector Shield GeneratorDogstarA881010%0.552014045Starship Design (Rank 4)
Assurance SG-1000 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsC77305%0.552593590
Assurance SG-1800 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsC1216005%0.5545030160Starship Design (Rank 4)
Assurance SG-2000 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsC109755%0.5534770109Starship Design (Rank 2)
Assurance SG-3000 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsC1011905%0.5542940115Starship Design (Rank 3)
Bastille S80 Shield Generator????????????331010%??????5????????????
Bastille S81 Shield Generator????????????439010%??????5????????????
Deflector SG-10 Shield GeneratorSextant SystemsA334010%0.55313525
Deflector SG-20 Shield GeneratorSextant SystemsA437510%0.55451225
Deflector SG-30 Shield GeneratorSextant SystemsA544010%0.55698232
Deflector SG-35 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsA1268510%0.551396540Starship Design (Rank 4)
Deflector SG-40 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsA655010%0.551130537Starship Design (Rank 2)
Deflector SG-50 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsA771510%0.551729040Starship Design (Rank 3)
Deflector SG-60 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsA986010%0.552185048Starship Design (Rank 4)
Marduk 1010-A Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsA440510%0.55574728
Marduk 1020-A Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsA548510%0.55893034Starship Design (Rank 1)
Marduk 1030-A Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsA968010%0.551577040Starship Design (Rank 3)
Marduk 1040-A Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsA776010%0.551843042Starship Design (Rank 4)
Odin 3030-C Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsC88055%0.552508096
Odin 3040-C Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsC99955%0.5532110103Starship Design (Rank 2)
Odin 3050-C Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsC1113155%0.5543035116Starship Design (Rank 4)
Osiris 2030-B Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsB88307%0.552175560Starship Design (Rank 4)
Osiris 2040-B Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsB89957%0.552764575Starship Design (Rank 4)
Psiris 2020-B Shield GeneratorProtectorate SystemsB65707%0.551320552
Tower N400 Shield Generator????????????55457%??????5????????????
Vanguard Bulwark Shield GeneratorVanguardB1214506%0.553847570
Warden SG-100 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsB55257%0.551377546
Warden SG-200 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsB66907%0.551985554Starship Design (Rank 1)
Warden SG-300 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsB89307%0.552812062Starship Design (Rank 3)
Warden SG-400 Shield GeneratorSextant Shield SystemsB1011257%0.553534071Starship Design (Rank 4)

Grav Drives

See also: Grav Drives
Ship ModuleManufacturerGrav Jump ThrustGrav Drive HealthValueMassRequired Skill
Helios 100 Grav Drive??????1652584226
Helios 200 Grav Drive??????1957693528
Helios 300 Grav Drive??????2368902534
NG150 Grav Drive??????1247475023
NG160 Grav Drive??????1352540026
NG170 Grav Drive??????1461590030
NG200 Grav Drive??????1876731538
NG300 Grav Drive??????271471729085
R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive??????1652584226
R-2000 Alpha Grav Drive??????2061745730
SGD 1100 Grav Drive??????1250454525
SGD 1200 Grav Drive??????1455541527
SGD 1300 Grav Drive??????1665660032

Largely-Decorative Parts

See also: Largely-Decorative Parts
Ship ModuleImageManufacturerHealthCostMass
Nova CowlNova Cowl.jpgNova Galactic84,0008


See also: Landers
Ship ModuleImageManufacturerHealthCostMassRequired Skills
Accu-lander 11Accu-lander 11.jpgStroud Eklund12
Accu-lander 21Accu-lander 21.jpgStroud Eklund34
NG-15 Lander - Port ForeNG-15 Lander - Port Fore.jpgNova Galactic44
NG-20 LanderNG-20 Lander.jpgNova Galactic7,0004
NG-20 Lander - WideNG-20 Lander - Wide.jpgNova Galactic44
Pinpoint 3G Lander AftPinpoint 3G Lander Aft.jpg5,2001
Pinpoint 3G Lander ForePinpoint 3G Lander Fore.jpg1
Pinpoint 3G Lander MidPinpoint 3G Lander Mid.jpg1
Pinpoint 4G Lander AftPinpoint 4G Lander Aft.jpg3
Pinpoint 4G Lander CenterPinpoint 4G Lander Center.jpg3
Pinpoint 5G LanderPinpoint 5G Lander.jpgTaiyo Astroneering69,4003
Taiyo Lander SupplementalTaiyo Lander Supplemental.jpg3