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Throughout your travels in Starfield, you will find items and materials that allow you to start Research Projects to learn more about them. These items are located in your Resource tab, not in Miscellaneous.

Research Lab Locations

Research Labs can be found throughout your travels. You can interact with these labs by pressing [A] on an Xbox controller or [E] on PC.

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Research Categories


Food and Drink

Outpost Development



Once you have accessed the Research Lab, you will see a list of Research Categories to choose from. Each category has a list of Research Projects which you can browse through by using [A] on an Xbox controller or [E] on PC.

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Research Instructions

After selecting the Research Project you want to work on, you will see the Required Materials and Required Skills needed. The Required Materials will flash with a message indicating they are available in your Inventory.

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Each Research Material will need to be submitted to make progress.

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You can confirm the Materials needed for research by using [A] on an Xbox controller or [E] on PC.

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After all the needed Materials are confirmed, you will be prompted that your research project is now complete.

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If you do not have the needed Materials to finish your research, those projects will be listed as Projects in Progress on the main research menu for you to complete at your leisure.

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Research Levels

After completing a Research Project, a higher rank of that project will become available.

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You can unlock these higher rank Research Projects by meeting the missing requirements listed for that project.

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Tips for Researching

Unlocking certain skill points will help meet the Required Skills needed for a Research Project.

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You can also unlock the Research Methods skill to make researching easier.

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Needed Materials can be found in different shops.

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