Research Projects

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See also: Pharmacology Research Projects
Research ProjectImageTierMaterialDescription
Medical Treatment 1Medical Treatment 1.jpg1??????
Medical Treatment 2Medical Treatment 2.jpg2??????
Medical Treatment 3Medical Treatment 3.jpg3??????
Performance Enhancement 1Performance Enhancement 1.jpg1??????
Performance Enhancement 2Performance Enhancement 2.jpg2??????
Performance Enhancement 3Performance Enhancement 3.jpg3??????

Food and Drink

See also: Food and Drink Research Projects

Outpost Development

See also: Outpost Development Research Projects
Research ProjectImageTierMaterialDescription
Resource Extraction 1Resource Extraction 1.jpg1??????
Resource Extraction 2Resource Extraction 2.jpg2??????
Resource Extraction 3Resource Extraction 3.jpg3??????


See also: Equipment Research Projects
Research ProjectImageTierMaterialDescription
Helmet Mods 1Helmet Mods 1.jpg1??????
Helmet Mods 2Helmet Mods 2.jpg2??????
Helmet Mods 3Helmet Mods 3.jpg3??????


See also: Weaponry Research Projects
Research ProjectImageTierMaterialDescription
Barrel Mods 1Barrel Mods 1.jpg120 Iron
20 Nickel
10 Sealant
Barrel Mods 2Barrel Mods 2.jpg2??????
Barrel Mods 3Barrel Mods 3.jpg3??????
Grip Mods 1Grip Mods 1.jpg1??????
Grip Mods 2Grip Mods 2.jpg2??????
Grip Mods 3Grip Mods 3.jpg3??????
Muzzle Mods 1Muzzle Mods 1.jpg1??????
Muzzle Mods 2Muzzle Mods 2.jpg2??????
Muzzle Mods 3Muzzle Mods 3.jpg3??????
Optics and Sights Mods 1Optics and Sights Mods 1.jpg1??????
Optics and Sights Mods 2Optics and Sights Mods 2.jpg2??????
Optics and Sights Mods 3Optics and Sights Mods 3.jpg3??????