How to Steal Ships

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Methods for Stealing a Ship

Stealing Docked or Landed Ships

  1. Find an Unguarded Ship: Ships are commonly found in docking zones on planets or space stations.
  2. Approach and Unlock: Use a Digipick to unlock the hatch. If the lock is advanced, you'll need a higher Security skill.
  3. Board and Take Control: If no crew is aboard, head straight to the Pilot Seat. Otherwise, deal with the crew.

Stealing Ships in Space Combat

  1. Targeting: Engage with the ship in combat, using targeted lock-ons to specifically disable its engines.
  2. Boarding: Approach the disabled ship and board it. You may need to consult a guide on docking and boarding for more details.
  3. Eliminate Crew: Clear the ship of enemy NPCs.
  4. Pilot: Go to the cockpit and take control. Note that some ships require higher ranks in Piloting skills.

Additional Tips for Space Combat

Free Roam Planet Method

  1. Locate Ship Landing Sites: While free roaming on planets, use scanners to find "Ship Landing Sites" randomly appearing as points of interest.
  2. Take Control: Approach the parked ship, eliminate any crew, and take off from the pilot seat.

Faction-Specific Restrictions

Ships from certain factions, like Crimson Fleet ships, can only be docked at specific bases belonging to the faction.

Registering and Selling Stolen Ships

  1. Visit Ship Services Technician: Found at major settlements or spaceports.
  2. Open Sell Menu: Choose the option "Let me see what ships you have for sale," then switch to the ‘Sell’ menu.
  3. Register: Pay the fee to register your newly stolen ship.
  4. Sell: Make sure to designate another ship as your home ship before selling the stolen one.

In-Game Consequences

  1. Faction Relations: Stealing may turn factions hostile or affect your reputation.
  2. Security Forces: You might attract attention and be pursued by enemy factions or security forces.
  3. Fast Travel: Stolen ships will become your home ship when using features like grav jumping, landing on a planet, or fast traveling.