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Types of Afflictions

Affliction Treatment Aid Item(s)
Addictions Junk Flesh
Brain Injury Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Burns Antibiotic Paste, Heal Gel, Heal Paste
Concussion Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Contusions Bandages
Dislocated Limb Immobilizer
Fractured Limb Immobilizer
Fractured Skull Immobilizer
Frostbite Antibiotic Paste, Heal Gel, Heal Paste
Heatstroke Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Hernia Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Hypothermia Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Infections Antibiotic Paste, Antibiotics, Penicillin X
Lacerations Bandages
Lung Damage Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Poisoning Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Puncture Wounds Bandages
Radiation Poisoning Boosted Injector, Injector, Snake Oil
Sprain Immobilizer
Torn Muscle Immobilizer

Afflictions Overview


Afflictions are listed in your "Status Effects" in the Status Menu. Afflictions have icons representing the type of injury or illness you have contracted.

There are two types of Afflictions:

In the expansive universe of Starfield, hazardous environments and hostile adversaries can lead to a variety of health detriments, commonly known as "afflictions." These afflictions can result in drawbacks like heightened oxygen use. Timely resolution of these issues is crucial as untreated afflictions can evolve into more dire conditions with severe consequences.

Identifying Afflictions


If you find yourself grappling with health setbacks, known as "Afflictions," here’s how you can assess your condition. Access the menu by pressing 'Y' on your Xbox controller or 'B' on your PC, which will take you to your Status menu. Though this menu primarily displays statistical information, the "Status Effects" section is the essential area where your Afflictions are detailed.

Diagnosing Severity

The first aspect to focus on is your 'prognosis,' which is an indicator of how likely the Affliction is to resolve itself. Prognosis levels can range from:

  • Poor
  • Stable
  • Good
  • Excellent


A rating from "Poor" to "Excellent" describes the chance for your body to heal and remove an Affliction without treatment. The better the prognosis, the greater the chance an Affliction will heal without needing Aid.

Afflictions have no chance to heal on their own until they reach "Stable" or better prognosis. A "Poor" prognosis comes with no chance for healing, but your prognosis will improve over time, from "Poor" to "Stable", "Stable" to "Good," and from "Good" to "Excellent," increasing the chance of your Affliction healing itself with each step.

Affliction Symptoms

Below the prognosis area, you'll find how the Affliction impacts your gameplay. Symptoms could include increased oxygen consumption from fever or a decrease in melee attack effectiveness due to blisters.

Affliction Indicators

Each Affliction comes with a unique icon that appears on your in-game watch located at the bottom left corner of your screen. For instance, a purple pill symbolizes infections, a red bandage indicates lacerations or puncture wounds, and orange droplets represent burns and frostbite.

Ways to Treat Afflictions

To cure an affliction, take the corresponding remedy to cure it. Look in the "Aid" section of your inventory and look for the icons that match up with your afflictions.

When viewing an aid item in your Inventory, its associated "Treatment" icon will be displayed under the item name, and the types of Afflictions it treats will be listed in its effects.

  • For example, if you are suffering from Burns, you will have an orange flame icon on your watch. Heal Gel, an aid item that treats Burns, displays this same orange flame icon when viewed in your Inventory. This means that this item will cure your Burn Affliction.

Locating Treatment Items

Go to your Inventory and navigate to the "Aid" section. Browse through the various food and health items available. Some will indicate their efficacy against certain afflictions in their descriptions. These helpful items are often dropped by defeated foes or found on shelves throughout your journey.

Vendor Options

If you're out of suitable treatment items, consider visiting merchant stalls or automated kiosks in bustling city centers. One such hub for early players is found in the Alpha Centauri System, on the Planet Jemison. Upon landing at New Atlantis, proceed straight and look for the "Jemison Mercantile" located near the train station. Have a conversation with the shopkeeper inside.

Crafting Pharmaceutical Solutions

If you'd rather craft your own remedies, Pharmaceutical Labs offer this capability. A notable lab is situated in the basement of The Lodge, the main base for The Constellation faction on Jemison. After entering The Lodge, descend the right staircase to find an array of crafting stations. Ingredients needed for crafting pharmaceuticals can be purchased from merchants. They are typically listed under the Resources category.


  • Aid items for Afflictions/Status Effects tend to be all the same weight. If you sort by WT, you can identify them easier. In this example, *the Aid item, Boosted Injector, has a weight. of 0.10. If you don't have the item to treat your affliction, there are doctors located throughout the Settled Systems that can remove all your Afflictions for a cost.