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The Starmap features multiple views:

Planet View

When orbiting a planet or moon, The Starmap provides you with information about the environment, lets you scan the planet for resources, and helps you discover key landing sites.


System View

From here you can see all the planets and moons in the system, as well as the recommended level and information about which faction controls the system. Icons above certain planets or moons represent points of interest, including star stations, settlements, etc.


Galaxy View

Zooming out from the System View reveals all the Settled Systems. From here you can view every system in the galaxy along with recommended levels. Icons above certain systems indicate major faction settlements.


Already Discovered Locations

Already discovered locations1.png

When highlighting the Starmap/System/Planet/Moon, the color highlighting it on the overall map will display whether you have visited it already.

  • Discovered planet(s): Green
  • Discovered location(s): White
  • Undiscovered Planets: Gray
  • Undiscovered Location(s): Black

Starmap View

Already discovered locations2.jpeg

System View

Already discovered locations3.jpeg

Planet View

Already discovered locations4.jpeg