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Digipicking is Starfield's own version of lockpicking. It utilizes the item digipick.

How to Get Digipicks

Purchasing from Vendors

  1. Location: The most consistent source of Digipicks is purchasing them from vendors. The earliest available vendor is the Jemison Mercantile store in New Atlantis. This shop is conveniently located around the corner from your ship at the New Atlantis spaceport.
  2. Procedure: To make your purchase, pass through the UC security checkpoint and proceed straight ahead to the city's entrance promenade. Here, you'll find the Jemison Mercantile. Speak to Amoli Bava at the register to buy Digipicks for 33 to 35 credits each.
  3. Inventory Refresh: Note that vendors usually carry a limited stock (often two to three Digipicks at a time), but their inventory refreshes every 24 hours. To speed up this process, you can fast-travel back to your ship and sleep in your bed.
  4. Other Vendors: Outside of hubs like New Atlantis, you may encounter other merchants who sell Digipicks in higher quantities. These vendors can be found at other spaceports and commercial areas, such as Apex Electronics in the New Atlantis Well area.

Looting and Exploration

  1. Random Finds: While you roam the Starfield universe, keep an eye out for Digipicks lying around on the floor, desks, or countertops. Using your scanner (by pressing LB) will make these items glow with a blue outline, making them easier to spot.
  2. Corpses and Containers: Defeated enemies, as well as corpses and containers you come across, may contain Digipicks. Check them thoroughly for these valuable tools.


  1. Skill Requirement: This method is riskier but also viable. To pickpocket, you'll first need to unlock the 'Theft' skill.
  2. Procedure: Once the skill is acquired, you can try pickpocketing NPCs, particularly in settlement hubs like New Atlantis. Remember, if you're caught, you could get a bounty on your head or even end up in jail.
  3. Inspection: You can safely inspect an NPC's inventory to see if they have Digipicks without triggering any penalties.

Tips and Warnings

  • Carrying Capacity: Digipicks don't have mass, so they won't affect your carrying capacity.
  • Safety Symbols: If a Digipick has a red symbol in its description, it's considered stolen property. A yellow symbol indicates it's contraband. Always pick up Digipicks with all-white text and symbols for safe measure.


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